We Cut Steel / Made in Germany
We Cut Steel / Made in Germany

CNC Control Easy 40G

… is a modular built up CNC control. With it she can be adapted exactly to the respective requirement. The operating device is equipped with 15“ toch display. Controller's stages of development of from 4 to 12 NC axes, digital and analogous one and source modules according to technology (Autogenously / plasma) and number of the cutting heads are possible.   


Embedded controller ExC66 with impulse interface CAN open CNC operating system to 4 axes, application programme SPS and PC-operating software for cutting operations IBE Software CNC Cut nest (Advanced version)  Input module / source module with 16 digital entrances Central processing unit / Central unit   

CPU: Intel ® Celeron ® 1.5 GHz  

RAM: 512 mb, max. 1 GB  

HDD: 40 GB  

Operating system: Windows ® XP Floppy disk 3.5“/1,44MB: Optionally  CD-ROM: Optionally
Interfaces / interfaces Serial / In parallel: 2 x/1 x  PC keyboard: 1 x   PC Mouse: 1 x   Ethernet: 3 x 10/100  USB: 2 x front, 2 x forecastle  VGA: 1 x

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