We Cut Steel / Made in Germany
We Cut Steel / Made in Germany

Endless Rotating Head DBAN

Endless Rotating Head with automatic Angle- and Tangential-Movement



          Full Rotating Gas Main Body

          Support Stroke 300mm

          Angle and Lateral automatic by motors    and CNC

          Linear High Sensing

          Full Addressing of each torch

          3 Cutting Torches

          Handvalves and Arrestores

          Software to set Angle directly

          Angle movement 15 - 55°

          Lateral movement 0 - 80mm

          Air cooling system


New: Center torch adjustment +/- 15°



          automatic ignition

          Powdermarking or HF Puncher

Procut 3D-N "New Design"



          Rotation +/- 450°

          Angle movement +/- 0°- 45° via CNC

          Height: 1725,90 mm

          Depth:   520,00 mm

          Weight: ca. 75 Kg

          Rotation width: 820,00 mm

          Crash protection

          Stroke support : 400 mm

          Linear high sensing over linear potentiometer or main arc


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