We Cut Steel / Made in Germany
We Cut Steel / Made in Germany


In-house developed machines and accessories


All cutting machines, Plasma- and Autogen-units, as well as a lot of other accessories are all developed in-house.           


Low Total Cost of Ownership


A machine produces costs not only at the time of purchase.

Buying a Lind machine means low Total Cost of Ownership:


Low maintenance machines


Common use and care presumed, our cutting machines are absolutely low-maintenance.

This ensures very little downtime and a long life cycle as well.


Use of standard parts

For example, drive systems and control elements can be bought at your local electronic wholesaler.       The required item information and item numbers are listed in our manuals, thus saving time and         money.


Quick and competent service


Due to our small and flexible team you can always get ahold of competent contact persons, regarding all needs of your Lind cutting machine.         


Competent partner companies

E.g. Software, cutting tables with exhaust systems will be supplied by our competent partner companies.

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